Wolf Head Pewter Keychain


From our Animal Collection - Entirely Made in Quebec! This Antique Gray Pewter Keychain impresses with its remarkable solidity. Its quality is due to its innovative creation process: Virtual Sculpting and 3D Printing combined with traditional casting methods. The combination of these two worlds allows to reach a revolutionary level of detail that seduces every time.


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Material: Gray Pewter with “antique” oxide finish.

Height: 43 mm
Width: 31 mm
Thickness: 22 mm



Our jewelry is digitally created using Virtual Sculpting and 3D Printing tools, completed with traditional casting processes.

This product is proud to be entirely “Québécois”: The Virtual Sculpting and 3D Printing were done by ourselves, AWASTOKI, in Wendake (Quebec). The Pewter casting was done by our supplier, Michelle Beaudoin, in Montreal.

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The Wolf is one of the four great Clans of the Huron-Wendat Nation of Wendake.

Loyal and faithful, a guide, a teacher.

The wolf is very sensitive to everything that happens around it. It is always on the lookout, always ready to act, and always in balance with the life around it.

The wolf is an important guide, a spiritual guide who shows that it is possible to be strong and noble while being loyal and attentive.

It never abandons its pack, and when it chooses a companion, it’s forever.