about us

 “Awast Oki” is our co-founder Alexis’s Huron-Wendat name. It means “Beautiful Mind”.
After a decade in the video game industry, we decided that “making the jump” would be a good idea, and we created Awastoki in May 2018.

Since then, we have been offering 3D creation services to all kinds of clienteles, from video game studios to board game designers to industrial machinery companies … In short, we never get bored!

Awastoki’s mission is to provide 3D services of superior quality and to modernise the way that those services are delivered to businesses around Quebec City.

Our services are available to all, may you be head of a big company or alone in your project, may you have millions in sales or none at all, we are open to all possibilities, big or small.

Alexis Gros-Louis Houle

Co-founder, 3D artist


Passionate about digital art from a very young age, I studied at Bart College in 3D animation and image synthesis, then I continued my training in art and animation sciences at Laval University, taking a few entrepreneurship courses along the way. My entourage knows it: I always knew I would one day launch my own business.

I am determined to leave my mark in the industry.

After spending ten years in the video game industry in Quebec, Awastoki is the answer to everything I needed to flourish more in my profession: I am my own boss and I can invest myself at 100% to satisfy my customers and push my projects further, without the obstacles of a big company.

Caroline Fournier

Co-founder, Administrator, 3D artist


Simple person with multiple ambitions, I am a 3D artist and project manager, in equal parts. After graduating from Cégep Limoilou in 3D animation and image synthesis in 2011, I had my experience in the video games and digital media industries for the dynamism and the challenges that are constantly reinventing themselves. I was a 3D artist for several years, then a project manager and producer for several others. But it was not enough, because no job allowed me to satisfy both of my passions, at the same time.

The culmination of all this is Awastoki, through which I can challenge my artistic side as much as my organizational side, without limits. I bring solid direction to the business that our customers can always trust, and their comfort is my pride.